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  • Leg Heaviness​

  • Leg Swelling

  • Leg Ulcer

  • Bulging Veins

  • Spider Veins

  • Leg Discoloration

  • Leg Pain

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One Stop Clinic for Varicose Veins Treatment

Varicose Veins Treatment by Laser

VenoCare is UAE’s most recognised Varicose Vein Clinic.

We are able to offer non-surgical varicose vein removal treatments to 99% of the patients.

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Dr. Firas Daoud

Consultant Vascular Surgery

VenoCare Accepts all Insurance Companies  Click HERE or Call us for More Details

فينو كير فرع الشارقه 
الكتور فراس داود 
اخصائي جراحه اوعيه
علاج الدوالي بالليزر عير اللمعهعلاج
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Cash Prices - Available in Sharjah Branch ONLY

Price / AED
Sclerotherapy / Veinwave Session of Superficial Veins in Legs 20 minutes
Second Vein (same session) Endo - Closure Treatment for One Leg by Laser or Radio - Frequency
First Vein Endo - Closure Treatment for One Leg by Laser or Radio - Frequency
Sclerotherapy of Superficial Leg Veins Guided by Ultrasound
Vascular Surgery Consultation
Non Invasive Vascular Lab Study (Arterial or Venous)
Vascular Consultation with Ultrasound Examination if done within Ten Days
Detailed Ultrasound Examination of Two Sides

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