Pulse Volume Recording - PVR:

Segmental Blood Pressure ABI:

Doppler, Color Doppler, and Duplex Scans:

  • A very fast and reliable test to detect arterial blood flow problems in the limbs especially in diabetic patients.


  • Based on the results of PVR and ABI (below), the Vascular Surgeon will order more tests only if a surgical or endovascular treatment is indicated.

  • Assessing the segmental blood pressure with evaluation of the Ankle Brachial Index and digital perfusion through ToeBrachial Index is a very helpful tool for scanning and assessing of flow in lower limbs especially for diabetic patients.


  • In cases of leg pain, and as per international guidelines, these test are mandatory before ordering a CT angiogram or imaging of the vessels with contrast injection particularly in elderly, diabetic, and renal patients.

  • Color Doppler and Duplex scans are the standard evaluation methods of patients who suffer from pain in legs, or feet, and are suspected of having a varicose veins problem.


  • Color Doppler and Duplex are indispensable for evaluation and diagnosis of patients suspected of having a Carotid artery problem

Venocare Treatment:

  • We conduct complete history and physical examination that meets CEAP classification.

  • We use Ultrasound examination first to effectively plan and manage treatment of every case


  • We use the latest technologies in varicose veins treatment and employ the best health care

    praticioners in the field.

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