• Examination should be done in standing or semi-standing position (if on an ultrasound examination table) 

  • Ultrasound Machine set to detect low speeds in blood flow: Set the Color Flow parameters to: low PRF, low WF, and low Frame Average

  • Reflux should be induced by distal augmentation squeezing the area overlying the vein or the limb, or by requesting the patient to blow in an occluded straw.

The following points should be evaluated:


  • Reflux duration is recorded at:

  1. Sapheno Femoral Junction

  2. Great Saphenous vein above the knee

  3. Sapheno Popliteal Junction

  4. Small Saphenous vein at mid-leg

  • Diameter of the Veins is recorded at:

  1. Great Saphenous Vein below Sapheno Femoral Junction

  2. Great Saphenous Vein at level below the knee

  3. Small Saphenous vein Below Sapheno Popliteal Junction

  4. Small Sapnenous Vein at mid-leg


  • The presence of any perforator in both legs with a diameter more than 4 mm

  • The level of termination of the small Saphenous Vein and whether there is a Giacomini communicating vein extension or not.

  • The patency and abscense of kinks and loops in the Great Saphenous Vein main trunk from groin to knee level.

Varicose Veins Ultrasound Examination Protocol Prior to Endo Closure Treatment of  Varicose Veins:

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