Turnkey Setup of a Vein Practice and Centres for Treatment of Varicose Veins:


All what it takes to make a successful vein practice

Exceptional New Concept of Comprehensive On-site Support and Set up of Vein Centers


Our concept of Turnkey support for physician who desire to start a vein practice or a vein center is comprehensive, practical, unique, and includes an on-site training to ensure that you master it all before you start your practice.


How it works:

1.You contact us sending us your CV, your location map, and a site drawing of where you intend to set up your vein practice.


2.We will evaluate your data for free and inform you if we can support your plan, or if we have suggestions to enable us to support your plan.


3.After having your feedback, we will send you a total estimate of the cost of setting up your vein center, and a request for a down payment. The total amount that we give you shall include the cost of all equipment, all consumables for ten cases, cost of three months marketing, and the cost of on-site trainer for five days.


4.Upon receiving your payment, we will send you a detailed action plan to follow, and will start sending equipment and material along with initiating the marketing campaign of your center.


5.Once you have booked your first few cases (up to ten cases) in arrangement with us, our physician trainer will be with you while you do the first cases over a five days period. You can prepare all the cases that you need to master whether it be endo-closure, sclero-therapy, or any other technique in vein surgery that you need to acquire.

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VenoCare Dubai

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A Dedication For Varicose Veins

VenoCare is a group of vascular surgeons interested primarily in the diagnosis and management of all grades of varicose veins. 

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