Symptoms and Signs of VARICOSE VEINS:

  • Dilated Skin Veins -- Varicose Veins, Thread Veins, and Spider Veins:

The three types of dilated veins come in different combinations and in differrent locations. Also, the of the veins is different as it varies from red spiders, to purple and dark blue thread veins, to green veins, and finally grossly dilated deeper veins without color because they bulge out covered by the skin overlying them.

The presence of spiders and thread veins is not always accompanied by the presence of venous reflux (the main reason for having varicose veins), but the presence of grossly dilated veins is, on the other hand, always indicative of advanced condition.


  • Pain in Leg and Foot:

Pain in leg and feet is the most common symptom after the dilated skin veins. The pain is rather of the ache type, not located in any particular area of the leg, and is induced by pressing the skin of the leg. It increases with standing and as the day goes by towards the evening.

The presence of pain by itself is not an indication of an advanced disease, but in means that the condition is progressing especially when venous reflux is documented by ultrasound.


  • Swelling of ankles:

Swelling of ankles varies in degrees in varicose veins, but generally speaking it is limited and does not increase beyond a certain point. On measuring the circumference of the two ankles, a difference is usually found even if the patient is not aware of it. The patient might perceive the swelling simply as his shoe becomes tighter on his foot. When the condition advances, the swelling becomes of the pitting type and creates a small pit in the skin when that skin is pressed by a finger -- we call this in medical language a 'Pitting Edema'.

The presence of swelling indicates an advanced condition of venous reflux.


  • Skin Changes and Skin Symptoms:

Changes in the skin are caused by the presence of venous reflux and stasis in the venous circulation of the skin. Those changes vary from slight color changes to gross brown pigmentation, and they are accompanied by skin dryness and changes in skin and appendages (hair, nails)  texture and shape.

Itching, redness, and irritation are some of the skin symptoms that are seen with varicose veins.


  • Restless Leg:

Could be a manifestation of venous reflux and should rule out this condition before ascribing it to unknown cause.

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The key examination that determines the presence or absence of reflux is the Ultrasound Examination: It is very easy to miss the presence of venous reflux if the ultrasound is not performed properly, therefore, this examination must be done following a special protocol in order to ensure correct test and correct interpretation.  Click              to retrieve this protocol.

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