Swelling of legs or feet is a problem that could be resulting from a venous or lymphatic disease. 


We will be able to guide you whether your leg swelling is or is not coming from a vascular origin. Proper assessment and evaluation permits the vascular surgeon to plan the optimal management. 


Cases of long-standing lymphedema could benefit from in-clinic treatments by lymphedema pump. sessions; treatments should be organized after consulting the vascular surgeon; it usually requires several sessions before a change could be preceived.

Swelling of Leg or Foot - Lymphedema

Why Should You Get Your Swelling Assessed?

  • To ensure that no significant or serious medical reason (kidney or liver problem) is hiding behind

  • To know if varicose veins are responsible for the swelling and to treat this if it is the case

  • Avoid over-the-counter medications which could result in significant problems if used out of medical advise.

  • Rule out high venous pressure and vein compressions if the swelling is one-sided.


Why should this assessment be done at VenoCare?

  • Experienced physicians that take all the steps to find out the reason behind a swelling

  • You will be evaluated and treated according to the latest international guidelines.

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