Our Currently Applicable Cash Prices

Hemorrhoids Treatment By EVRF/Rafaelo Procedure

8,000 AED

Arterial or Venous Ultrasound Study, One or Two Sides

1,300 AED

Vascular Consultation with Ultrasound Examination if done within ten days

1,200 AED

Non-Invasive Vascular Lab Study (Arterial or Venous)

1,600 AED

Radio Frequency VeinWave or EVRF treatment of spider veins face 10 minutes or less

750 AED

Vascular surgery consultation

500 AED

Sclerotherapy of superficial leg veins guided by ultrasound

2,500 AED

First vein endo-closure treatment for one leg by Laser or RadioFrequency

12,450 AED

Second vein (same session) endo-closure treatment for one leg by Laser or RadioFrequency

6,000 AED

Sclerotherapy/VeinWave session of superficial veins in legs 25 minutes or less

2,500 AED

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Our Current Promotions

Sclerotherapy Promo Policy

  • New Patients with less than AED5,000 entire household salary income, 50% discount (AED2,500 for 25min)

  • New Patients with less than AED10,000 entire household salary income, 25% Discount will be given from the new billing amount (AED2,500 for 25min)

Note: A salary certificate should be presented by the patient for the discount to be applied.

  • UAE government official health employees and license holders in any of the Emirates, enjoy special discounts. Please call us to find out.

  • Flight (cheapest avialable fare) and 4 star Hotel (two nights) could be deducted from your bill when you pay in cash/cc for vein closure procedure of value of 12000 AED and above. This applies to persons flying from Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and Philippines. UAE residents are not eligible for this promotion.

-Cannot combine two promotions.

-Next price list revision is on first of January 2021

Only By Appointment. To Book, Please Call:

+971 52 993 6643

Fridays: 4pm to 8pm, Saturday to Thursday: 10am to 8pm

VenoCare Dubai

Dubai, UAE Registered LLC :


Trade License Number  683159

Registeration No. 1127216

DHA License  DHA-FL-008448


A Dedication For Varicose Veins

VenoCare is a group of vascular surgeons interested primarily in the diagnosis and management of all grades of varicose veins. 

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