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What is the recommended treatment of varicose veins?

The recommended current treatment for varicose veins and venous reflux in the removal of the source of reflux by closing the diseased veins using one of the modern closing techniques such as Laser, Radiofrequency, MOCA (Mechanical Occlusion with Chemical Ablation-Clarivein), or glue seal (Sapheon).

Can we use stockings for Treatment of Varicose Veins instead of undergoing a closure procedure?

It is not currently recommended to use stockings as a strategy to treat varicose veins. This recommendation has been issued and adopted in British and American specialized boards because of the efficiency and simplicity of the current closure methods, and their ability to control symptoms.

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Is it necessary to undergo treatment of varicose veins?

There is no imperative medical need to treat varicose veins except when there is significant skin problems, edema, or ulcers. Otherwise, the severity of symptoms or significance of appearance are relative factors that could be only counted by the patient himself.

Is Treatment of Varicose Veins Successful, and is it true that Varicose Veins always come back?

Varicose veins can result from reflux in more than one location; proper identification of all location that cause a reflux is the key to successful treatment. Ultrasound is the key examination to identify all sources of reflux. Once properly treated, varicose veins symptoms are hugely improved, and the likelyhood of recurrence is in-significant.

I am pregnant, and my leg veins are bulging. What should I do?When and what  is it a good time for treatment of varicose veins during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the only thing that can be done presently is to prevent more damage to your veins. Wearing stockings is an optioin, but it should be done with medical supervision. It is a good idea to get yourself examined by a vascular surgeon to have a baseline evaluatioin of your case. Definite treatment could always be deferred until after delivery.

Does varicose veins cause deep vein thrombosis and lung embolus/clot?

This is not correct. Varicose veins can cause superficial vein thrombosis; this kind of thrombosis does not move to the lung unless it is happening near junctions with deep veins. This is not usually the case. Superficial vein thrombosis causes redness and pain in the overlying skin, it gets treated with warm wet pads, and anti-inflammatory medications. Blood thinning medications are not usually needed unless the superficial thrombosis is occuring near deep veins.

How long does Laser treatment of varicose veins take and how long will I be away from work?

A Laser treatment of one vein takes typically 15-20 minutes. Depending on the number of veins you need to get treated, the procedure usually takes less than 45 minutes because very rarely we treat more than three in one sitting. You can be back to work immediately or in one or two days depending on the nature of your work.

What are the causes of Spider Veins and Thread Veins?

Spider veins arise because of one of the following reasons:

  • Reflux in one of the major skin veins i.e. Great or Short Saphenous.

  • Hormonal reasons such as using birth control pills, or hormonal changes/treatment during pregnancy, puberty, and menopause. 

  • Obesity is another factor because it causes an increase in estrogen hormone levels.

  • Having a chronic reason for frequent increases in abdominal pressure such as chronic constipation or using special garments (girdles).

Are all types of Varicose Veins amenable to treatment without surgical intervention?

Very few patients need to undergo a surgical treatment for varicose veins nowadays. Almost all patients will respond very well to a combined treatment of endo closure, sclerotherapy, and VeinWave. In combining these methods together, all grades of varicose veins could be eliminated.

I have pain in my legs, and some spider veins, how Can I know if I have, or do not have, Varicose Veins?

Unless you have a grossly apparent varicose veins, the only way to verify the existence of venous reflux -the most frequent reason for appearance of varicose veins- is by doing an ultrasound study of the lower limbs. The results of this study are very important and required to make a proper plan to treat your case.

It is very important to know that if the ultrasound study is not performed properly, it will mis-lead the physician in making his decision, therefore, getting a proper ultrasound examination is one major factor in getting a correct management.  You can obtain this protocol by clicking

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